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Irresponsible Journalists Publish Without Checking the Facts

Yesterday I noted that a biased student journalist misrepresented a statement made by Delegate Bob Marshall. Apparently the student heard what she "wanted to hear" rather than what was actually said and meant by the speaker.

Media attending the press conference included ABC News, Channel 8, CBN, The Washington Post, Richmond Times, The Virginia Pilot, The Associated Press and other fine news sources. Yet, none of these professional journalist heard or interpreted Delegate Marshall's "alleged statement" in the way that student Ms. Kelsey Radcliffe did. And why is that? Simply because what she reported as being said was never said, nor the meaning she implied ever meant!

Yet, our local gossip rag, the Gainsville Times, simply took the article by Ms. Radcliff without checking any of the facts, nor even attempting to verify the veracity of the article, and published it outright causing great harm to a very honorable and highly dedicated public servant who has no …

Blatant Media Bias Shows Itself Once Again

Here is an excellent example of the blatant bias of the media where a reporter takes one sentence out of context from a press conference and twists its meaning and intent to push a personal position.

MANASSAS, VA-Reporter Kelsey Radcliffe released a news article three days after a press conference at which Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall spoke with pastors, clergymen and reporters regarding funding of pro-abortion organization Planned Parenthood. This article neglected to state the facts or the studies he and other speakers cited for their objections to giving this organization more taxpayer dollars. Instead, it focused on a single sentence taken out of context with the seeming intention of misrepresenting what he said, and at the same time being hurtful to disabled children.

Bob and his wife have five children. The adoption agency told them that one of their adopted children had a 50-50 chance of contracting a disabling genetic disease which causes death in early adulthood. Nevertheless…