Bob Marshall for Open and Accountable Government

In Fiery Conservative Emerges as Hero in Open Government Fight, an Op Ed piece in the Bristol News this week, Andrea Hopkins praises Bob Marshall for his vote in favor of recording subcommittee votes. As Andrea explains, the House of Delegates uses the subcommittee system as "an unaccountable black hole, where House lawmakers send unpopular measures to die. "

Andrea points out that "if these bills are eliminated in a subcommittee, lawmakers don’t have to put their support or opposition on the record. And, they don’t have to explain their votes back in the district." She further states, "But allowing as few as two delegates to kill bills – even illogical ones – without a recorded vote isn’t in the public interest. It’s a secretive process that drives a stake through the heart of government transparency. Lawmakers require transparency at the local government level; the same rules should apply in Richmond."

Let's thank Bob for his stand for open and accoutable government.


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