Bob Marshall in the News

Since Bob Marshall's announcement to run against Gov. Gilmore for the Virginia Senate seat being vacated by Senator John Warner, remarks have surfaced in a number of news sources. Here are a few quotes about Mr. Marshall a few of the news sources.

"Marshall's legislative creativity knows no rival in Richmond. A bill-drafting giant, he is smart, principled and owns a sizable sense of humor." - Charlottesvile Daily Progress, 2004

"The General Assemlby's most outspoken and persistent abortion foe..." - Associated Press, 1-7-08, (Richomond)

"...widely respected as a 'conviction politician and for his sense of humor. ...He's conservative on social issues.'" - Larry Sabato, University of Virginia

" a man of considerable intellectual ability and deeply held political principles. He is far more the idealistic citizen-legislator than the cynical professional politician." - Paul Goldman, past advisor, Democratic Govs. Wilder & Warner

"...long been an opponent of higher taxes...filed law suites challenging different tax legislation as unconstitutional. ...known...for his nearly encylopedic knowledge of the House procedural rules..." - Fredericksburg Free Lance Star, 1-8-08
" considered a renegade inside the Republican Party...intelligent and thought-provoking." - Mark Plotkin, WTOP Radio, Washington, DC, 1-6-08

"The constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and civil unions, which voters approved in 2006, is named for him and the Senate sponsor." - The Washington Post, 1-8-08

"Bob Marshall files more bill than any other legislator" - Meredith Kight, Gainesville Times 1-25-08


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