Prince William County Republican Convention (Part 2)

The Prince William County Republican Convention further showed its strong support for life by again passing the following resolution almost unanimously, with only two dissenting votes at the convention held 14 March 2009.

Resolution (2) March 14, 2009


Whereas, the Prince William County Republican Convention believes that human embryos are complete human beings at the earliest stages of development and, as such, they deserve respect and protection.

Whereas, human embryos are human subjects who, under the Nuremberg Code of medical ethics, may not be subjected to medical or scientific experiments unless those experiments will benefit them, and will not expose them to the threat of injury or death.

Now, Therefore, be resolved, that the Prince William County Republican Party:

1. Appeal to the President and to Congress to institute a total ban on stem cell research that involves the killing of human embryos.

2. We also urge the President and Congress to encourage scientific research that utilizes adult stem cells and/or stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood and placentas that are recovered after live births because unlike embryonic stem cells, they have produced positive results in the treatment and cure of disease without violating fundamental principles of morality and ethics.


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