Prince William County Republican Convention (Part 3)

In a strong showing of support for State Party Chairman Jeff Frederick, the Price William County Republican Convention passed the following resolution unanimously.

Resolution (3) March 14, 2009

Resolution in support of RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick

Whereas, the Prince William County Republican Convention believes that the strength of the Republican Party comes from the grassroots up, not the top down.

Whereas, the Plan of Organization of the Republican Party of Virginia essentially dissolves the party organization every two or four years and reconstitutes all of its committees by the vote of each jurisdiction’s mass meeting or convention.

Whereas, in May 2008, the Prince William County Republicans selected Jeff Frederick as their party chairman with 84 percent of the Prince William delegation’s vote.

Now, Therefore, be resolved, that the Prince William County Republican Convention:

1. Fully endorses and supports the Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Jeff Frederick.

2. We call on Republicans across the Commonwealth to focus on the elections at hand. Chairman Frederick is doing the job he was elected to do, namely to make the state party the servant of the local unit and not its master.

3. We call on the State Central Committee and senatorial caucus to also fully endorse Chairman Jeff Frederick and assist him unconditionally to retake the Commonwealth of Virginia for the Republican Party.


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